Step by Step Guide.


Before you begin, to make sure you get the most from the process, we’ve created a step-by-step guide for you to follow. The guide will include…

  1. How to communicate with your team in advance
  2. How to create your survey
  3. How to send your survey for maximum participation
  4. How to analyse the results

1. Communicate in advance

The average participation rate is 73% of your workforce. To drive maximum participation, it’s essential to inform your team of the process in advance.  

For a survey to be successful, people need to be honest. For people to be honest, they need to know it’s completely anonymous. Communicating in advance will allow you to build that trust before the survey begins.

Here are the key things that you should communicate in advance 

  1. What the survey is about
  2. Why you’re doing it
  3. Reassure anonymity 
  4. How to complete the survey
  5. How long it will be open for
  6. Who to contact if they have any concerns

We’ve created sample email templates that you can follow. You can download the templates below.

Employee Survey email template

Covid-19 Survey email template

2. Creating your Survey

Employee Engagement is about getting the basics right, day in, day out. Our surveys are designed in a way to identify what could be done to make everyone’s every day working life more streamlined, efficient and engaging. 

Our surveys follow the six key pillars to Employee Engagement.

The six pillars are…

  • Operations
  • Communications
  • Training & Development
  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • Wellbeing

Whether it’s a survey, or designing a full Engagement programme, we follow these key pillars. 

The surveys follow a very deliberate psychological flow. We start with operational questions first, to get an understanding of the experience from a practical point of view, before moving on to the more engaging and softer questions. 

You’d be surprised the effects operational frustrations have on Engagement!

Our Covid-19 questions are designed to concentrate more on communications, trust, wellbeing and safety.

The system has a recommended list of questions for you. You can select which questions you’d like to include in your survey.

There are three sections in the survey. The first section is for your team to select their department. This will enable you to compare the results for each department and create department-specific reports and actions.

We’ve preinstalled a list of usual departments for you to choose from. If there is a department not listed that is important to you, please make contact with us, and we’ll add it for you. You can email us at info@workbly.com

The second section is the main part of the survey. This is where we ask rating style questions. Rating questions are great way to identify where there may be some issues, and allow you to track and measure the change over time.

The third and final section is the open-ended comment box questions. This is where your team will have the opportunity to tell you about their experience in their own words. In our experience, this section is the most important, and we’d encourage you to read every comment.

We’ve created a video on how to create a send your survey below.

3. Sending the survey

When sending your survey, you have three options.

  1. Send the survey to everyone’s email address.
  2. Send a link through your own communications channels.
  3. Setup a computer in a quiet room where they can complete the survey (we appreciate this may not be an option with remote working during the Covid-19 pandemic).

Our recommendations are to encourage your team to complete the survey during working hours. In our experience, if you request people to complete the survey in their own time, they won’t do it.

We would recommend it to be put into everyone’s working schedule.

The most successful way to drive participation is to use option three and set up a computer in a quiet room. It also helps to include an incentive. For example; when they complete the survey, they can enter their name in a raffle for a prize. 

We’ve included a video of how to create and send your survey.

4. Analysing the results 

Once your survey is closed off, you can start the analysis. You will be able to see the results for the organization as a whole, as well as each department, individually. You’ll also be able to compare to the global average for each question.

We recommend exporting the results to excel. That way, you can give the results for each department to each manager.

It’s essential to sit down with each manager and go through the results for their department with them. Together, create an action plan that you both agree on, with completion dates.

We would also recommend that you communicate a high-level summary of the results to the wider organization. 

Try to identify some quick wins, immediately, and shout about it. People must know the process was worthwhile.

For the more significant issues, you can communicate that they’re being dealt with appropriately. 

We’ve included a video of how to export the results.

We wish you all the best with your survey. If you have any questions, or need any help, please contact us at info@workbly.com

We are, of course, always available beyond this too if you’d like further support with…

  • Analysing your results to provide feedback and recommendations for corrective action
  • Support with designing your desired employee experience
  • Action planning workshop with your senior team
  • Employee Engagement training for your leaders (online option available)
  • Action planning one-2-ones with your leaders (online option available)

If you’d like any further support, please feel free to book a call below..